The Lord shared the vision of Abundant Life Ministries with Pastors Keith and Connie Moore on August 22, 2001. At that moment they wrote the vision down and began to pray over it. During the latter part of 2005 they began to visit the Red Oak (Gold Rock) area on a regular basis. It was then that the Lord began to share with them that it was time to step out on faith and begin a church in the area.

During this time of preparation, Pastors Keith and Connie began to read books on New Testament churches and visit other thriving ministries. In April 2006, a vision casting meeting was held where several people were in attendance.

Pastors Keith & Connie were set in as pastors of Abundant Life Ministries on July 30, 2006 where over 200 people witnessed this grand occasion. Then on Sunday, August 6, 2006 ALM held its first service at Rodeway Inn & Suites with almost 30 people in attendance.

In August 2006, ALM launched its Spiritual Development classes that provided the members an opportunity to participate in small groups and learn about such topics as: prayer, discipleship, the tabernacle, finances, Old & New Testament surveys, and much more. Since the inception of SDC, we have seen these classes grow tremendously!

In September 2006, ALM started its children’s ministry which provides services each Sunday for children 12 years and under. ALM also began receiving its first covenant partners in September 2006. Today ALM has various covenant partners. In October 2006, ALM held its first Family & Friends Day with over 100 people in attendance.

In April 2007 the men’s ministry sponsored a church basketball league. Six churches from the local area participated in this endeavor which afforded the churches an opportunity to come together in prayer, fellowship, and fun. ALM’s team remained undefeated and won the championship game. Today our church has been blessed with a full court gym where we continue to host basketball and volleyball tournaments and various other athletic endeavors.

Other ALM ministries that were implemented include: Sister 2 Sister, Satisfied Singles, Food Pantry, Teens Reaching Teens, and One Flesh (couples). Since its inception, ALM has received thousands of first time visitors. ALM became a non-profit organization in June 2007.

ALM is looking forward to future endeavors such as: Campus Ministry, Community Outreach Initiatives, & Senior Services.
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